Carrier Services

P3 Towers understands the demands placed upon carriers to ensure that their networks continue to meet customer expectations.  We also realize that network expansion can be challenging in terms of deployment timeframes and costs when colocation opportunities on existing infrastructure are not available.  P3 provides carriers with deployment opportunities on tower sites that have been pre-arranged for development on municipal property.  This enables carriers to proactively incorporate specific sites into their network expansion plans, and ensures speed to market and reasonable deployment costs.

We endeavor to make the deployment process as efficient and cost effective as possible for our carrier clients.  We will make all site investigation data and engineering plans for the tower site available for use at no charge.  This includes Title Reports, Phase I Evaluations, Site and Structural Plans, FAA Studies and NEPA/SHPO compliance documents.  Additionally, we will assist in obtaining, and bear the cost for local municipal building permits for colocation on the facility.